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Life is running fast. How much of what you have left in your memory?
Several times people don’t remember what they do three days ago, even there are some who don’t remember what they eat one day before (yes, can you imagine this?). The general idea is this, an object in which people write what they did to never forget the moment. Diary is not only a notebook (as used to be, now free online diary exists), is where persons write their personal experiences or emotions about events in the past and also is recommended by psychologists to have good mental health.

Nowadays, the digital era brings humanity other options to do common activities that humans used to effectuate in an analog system. For example, 30 years ago, the common diary in the past had to be written by hand and in a specific notebook. Now, it is normal young people use social media (like twitter) as an online diary. The problem with this is that those personal feelings become public instead of been private. Why not use a real personal digital diary that can be work in any part of the world (online diary) only with an Internet connection?

A free online diary is a great option to start writing your own experiences, your travel goals, a dream plan you want to make reality, aspirations and wishes you have for the future or an insightful quote you read once and don’t want to forget and have it all saved.

Any human on the planet thinks in a different way and has their own desires, which are why each person can use an online diary for any reason. In the past, poets used to write about what happened in their environment and also about their personal situation and how that makes them feel. Those points are essential to express their feelings and connect with themselves.

If passed a bad day or you only feel sad, a digital diary is a good idea to begin writing and let off steam all those bad situations, besides can help you to understand in which moment of your life you are and what is the position you have to be to face those plight.

As well, free digital diary can help to be more organized. Write in a digital diary it’s a great exercise to sit down every day and put in black and white your thoughts or feelings regardless of whether it’s a paragraph or many pages. Not only that, the online diary would be helpful to increase your writing and mental organization skills by putting thoughts in order.

The online diary offers the possibility to write all your thoughts, manage and save them on internet. How you can get this? Simple, the person who is interested to have a free online diary has to create an account with their email and write a password. Then, the free digital diary will be used only log in with the correct email and password. Like a normal account in any social media.

Sometimes our memory plays with us and modifies our memories. So many moments of our lives that we think happened in one way, could be changed by memory and happened in another way. An online diary help to put in order all your memories.

While it’s true that online diary works especially for events occurred in the past, for future events is also a great idea to perform. When you are young, the future can be exciting and unpredictable at the same time but clear your goals are important.

Your online diary can be used to manage your ideas about the things that you want to do in one, three, five or ten years. If you want to be a doctor, write about the medical topics which you are interested in, then start to investigate it, make your own conclusions to take a decision. Your decision capacity will increase and you will have more control over your destiny.

If had a relationship and didn’t finish in the best terms, a digital diary can aid you to reorganize your feelings and clear your emotions. Write about the principal points that made the relationships end on the online diary will help to understand what really happened. So many people blame the couple and other people blame themselves, so write about the problems will help to know the principal causes of the break-up.

Writing down your feelings from the relationship helps to brain-dump your frustrations, anxieties and pains in an online diary. This can help you to reduce and release stress which you have harbored overtime. Express your feelings in a digital dairy are a good way to free up any tension and be prepared for any other relationship that you will have in the future.

Furthermore, write an online diary unleashed your creativity. The online diary can be used to improve your writing skills and also your imagination. The simples examples can be when you write down a poem or you create a song and a complex example can be you writing a book or a story.

An Online diary can be used in so different ways. If you want to write because you are inspirited about an event that happened to you, if you want to meditate of a really hard situation, if you want to write a song, even if you want to write about some information that you don’t want to forget, you can consult the online diary and be yourself. This is the principal and important point of an online diary, you can be yourself. When you start to write in your online diary, it becomes a part of you.

All your feelings, emotions, thoughts, dreams, frustrations, pains, goals are there. Is in you if you want to share your online diary (it is supposed that’s private), but have to think it twice since you don’t have to forget that is one of the deepest part of your heart and mind, not anyone is allowed enter on it.

The great part of the online diary is the compatibility of all the world. The online diary can be used in Turkey, Germany, Mexico, Spain, New Zeland, South Korea or Congo. As well, a digital diary con is used in different languages like Spanish, English, Turkish or French. The diversity of languages is important for an online diary because any person can use it. Don’t hesitate to write about your life and your adventures in an online diary website.

If you have the opportunity, use an online diary. Normally, to use an online diary you don’t have to pay, it's for free. Briefly, an online diary it’s a great tool for young people who wants to know about them while they are improving their writing skills and putting in order their feelings and emotions.

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